Managing Stress

Stress is something I am sure we have all experienced in life. As we become older and take on more responsibilities it may feel like life is enclosing on you. Taking time to relieve stress is very important to maintain health and happiness. For instance, I am working full-time as a healthcare professional while attending a Doctorate program full-time and trying to balance a home life with my husband. Stress is something I feel on a daily basis.

All aspects of life demands something from us but it is essential to recognize we need to take care of our own needs to continue to be productive. Some ways to manage stress include exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, talk with someone you trust, listening to music, getting enough sleep, staying positive, practicing your faith and making time to treat yourself. I am sure there are a hundred other ways to manage stress but these are the ones I constantly use to manage stress. It is also important to recognize if you are using unhealthy methods to manage stress such as smoking, alcohol use, overeating, taking out your stress on others and withdrawing from family and friends.

When it feels like you are being engulfed by life, worries, and fear, remember you are not alone. Take steps to manage your stress and do not let it consume your life or get ahead of you. Make a plan and stick to it. Many times I look up into the sky and think about the universe and how the issues and problems we face daily are in reality so minuscule.

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