First Trimester

Well I am almost 9 weeks pregnant and boy does pregnancy take a toll on the body. I have been feeling super tired, taking long naps during the day. I have been throwing up at night time after dinner which I think is related to acid reflux. Many people say the second trimester is when you start feeling better, I cannot wait ! Oh! Also it’s like an overwhelming feeling of nausea/hunger just comes at random times. Like the type of hunger as if you didn’t eat in days. As soon as that feeling comes over the only thing that will help is eating carbs ASAP! I am still trying to stay active even though I feel like a zombie sometimes and also trying to stay positive through the whole journey. Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well. It helps to have an amazing support system! Also this picture I include pretty much sums it up !

First Trimester Feelings:


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