Education as Prevention

This semester in my Nurse Practitioner courses we started our first clinical experience. I have been completing my hours in a primary care office where we mostly encounter the Hispanic population. Being from a Hispanic family my self I knew the importance of educating my patients extensively as I had done with my parents and family members. Education is the number one best thing you can do for your patient in preventing disease. An example was my parents would eat white rice everyday for dinner. And not a small portion, I am talking about a full plate of white rice. I explained to them the lack of nutritional value in white rice and how it increases blood sugar. They continued to eat it everyday because they were set in their ways. Recently my mother had labs done and it showed her blood sugar was borderline, the physician educated her again on her diet and how to prevent the progression to diabetes. Slowly but surely, with my advise constantly being given they have ceased to consume white rice and have replaced it with fresh vegetables and salads. Now her blood sugar levels are in normal range and she saw the true benefit of education and diet modification in preventing a disease.

When seeing a patient remember, EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION! Many patients do not want to be thrown another medication to cover up their problem when there is a solution to it that can be given by you through educating them!Cost/Benefits and importance of patient education #infographic #healthcare Find us on Twitter and Facebook!:

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