Clostridium Difficile AKA C.Diff

Working in a hospital setting I have seen numerous patients with C.Diff infections. What is C.Diff you ask ? Well it is an infection by a bacteria that we can commonly come in contact daily. The Clostridium Difficile bacteria can be found in bathrooms, foods, hospital settings, and more. Usually our bodies defense in our gut keeps this bacteria at a level where it can do no harm to us. This level can be disrupted when someone takes antibiotics which kill the good bacteria in our intestines. This killing off of the good bacteria allows the C.Diff bacteria to multiply and take over. Symptoms of this infection include: DIARRHEA, fever, and stomach pains. Many healthcare professionals along with me will tell you this diarrhea has a very strong smell.

Ways to prevent the spread of this bacteria include: HAND WASHING! Healthcare professionals who care for these patients must follow contact precautions (gown and gloves). Any visitors for a patient with this infection must also follow contact precautions. Avoiding over-prescribing antibiotics for viral infections. The most important of these is hand washing.

The treatment for this infection is Oral Vancomycin and IV Flagyl.c_diff_infection_preview_660px.gif (659×1175):


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