Benefits of Yoga

When it comes to sticking with a workout regimen, personally I have had trouble finding one thing to stick with. I recently started doing hot yoga at a studio with my husband. This is surely a practice I can keep up with and see myself doing long term. I am sure everyone has heard of the many benefits of yoga but let me list a few to refresh anyone who reads this. If you are interested in finding an activity that is easy to start with and you could gradually build on, yoga is a great practice to improve health.

Health benefits :

1. Increased Flexibility – If you find yourself stiff and not flexibile, practicing yoga can help you avoid injury by stretching out muscles and increasing flexibility.

2. Improved Mental Fitness – Practicing yoga helps to clear your mind and melt any stress from your day away. So if you find yourself overwhelmed with the concerns of life, practicing yoga can help you calm down and overall improve your mental state.

3. Better Posture – The movements in yoga aid in aligning the spine and promoting better posture. It helps to strengthen your back and improve breathing.

4. Reduced Risk of Chronic Disease – With any activity, staying active and incorporating fitness into your daily routine reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cancer.

5. Enhanced Fat Loss – Yoga can be a great practice for those looking to lose weight. Practicing hot yoga can burn over 600 calories in one hour.

6. Improved Balance – In yoga, there are many poses and movements that have you isolate certain muscles we rarely use in everyday activities. This builds strength and balance and promotes core stability.

7. Better Breathing – Yoga promotes slower more controlled breathing through the exercises. This control of breathing has many benefits such as opening up the chest and clearing the mind.

8. Enhanced Muscle Strength & Tone – Yoga may look easy on your TV or computer screen. But let me tell you, it is very difficult. You realize you haven’t used muscles you didn’t even knew exists with yoga. Using your body weight builds resistance and muscle strength.


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